KPMG: Uniquely Qualified for IFRS 9 Impairment Accounting

Few firms can offer the breadth and depth of skills, tools and experience required to meet the complex global challenge of IFRS 9 compliance – sensibilities KPMG member firms bring to projects, including:

  • An intimate understanding of the financial services industry
  • A broad ranging understanding of regulatory compliance
  • Deep expertise in governance and credit risk management practices
  • Tools and other accelerators to help speed implementation

Our Global Credit Loss Accounting Solution (gCLAS) is backed by thousands of Accounting Advisory and Financial Risk Management professionals, including some of the foremost and most experienced advisors in the area of credit risk management, analytics, accounting change, data management and process control change.

These professionals are aligned with our core software implementation team and stand ready to assist your conversion to these new accounting standards.

Meet the KPMG IFRS 9 Impairment Team Leaders

Fabiano Gobbo Global Leader
Financial Risk Management

+39 02 67643604

Fabiano Gobbo is the Global Leader of KPMG’s Financial Risk Management practice. He brings over 26 years of risk management and capital markets experience. Over the years, he has worked with primary domestic and international financial institutions providing advice on Strategic Risk Management initiatives and Basel II/Basel III, covering both the conceptual framework and the implementation aspects. He has applied his quantitative expertise to provide assistance to clients in the management of all risks, designing of business models, and the management of financial exposures and controls.

Christopher Boyles KPMG in the US
Managing Director

+1 213 955 8484

Christopher Boyles is a Managing Director in KPMG's US Financial Risk Management practice with more than 13 years banking and finance experience. He has a strong background in corporate accounting, financial instrument valuation, accounting policy, and financial reporting. Chris has substantial experience leading and coordinating large scale accounting and finance engagements related to impaired assets and he leads the development of the KPMG Global Credit Loss Accounting Solution (gCLAS) for IFRS 9 and CECL Impairment Models.

Nikos Dimakos KPMG in Greece

+30 210 60 62 139

Nikos Dimakos leads KPMG's Advisory Information Technology practice in Greece. He brings over 12 years of risk management systems experience. Over the years, he has been the technology advisor to many financial institutions for the design and implementation of risk management systems for Basel II/III, IFRS, liquidity, risk adjusted profitability and customer analytics, including Alpha Bank, Investec Bank, Marfin Bank and Societe Generale.

Steven Hall KPMG in the UK

+44 20 73 11 5883

Steven Hall is a Partner within KPMG's UK Banking Risk team and co-leads KPMG's IFRS9 programmes in the UK. He has over 17 years experience of Assurance, Risk and Regulatory advisory work within KPMG with 14 years experience delivering advisory projects in connection with Basel 2, credit risk model development, validation and stress testing in the UK, Europe and overseas. He has led many reviews of institutions' approaches to the use of internal rating based credit risk models, comparisons with the requirements of IAS 39 provisioning models, and developments of EPE models to satisfy the Basel Internal Models Method requirements.

Dilshad M. Hassen KPMG in Canada

+1 416 777 8978

Dilshad Hassen is a Partner with KPMG’s Accounting Advisory Services practice in Canada. He has over 16 years of financial services sector experience including 4 years within the Accounting Policy and Capital Markets Finance functions of a major Canadian bank. His experience includes advising clients on adoption of IFRS and US GAAP standards, including application on complex transactions, with technical specialization in financial instruments (including valuations), hedging, consolidations and securitization structures. Dilshad was previously a Partner in KPMG’s Financial Risk Management practice where he also advised clients on risk management strategies and governance, and application of the Basel III/OSFI bank regulatory requirements.

Volker Thier KPMG in Germany

+49 69 9587-2679

Volker Thier is a Partner in the German practice and has over 20 years of financial sector expertise gained both on the audit side and advisory side. He has provided Accounting and Risk Management advice to a wide range of national and international banks. He has led large IFRS implementation programs with focus on IAS Hedge Accounting and IFRS 9 Classification and Measurement, and more recently, various pre-study projects on IFRS 9 Impairment.

KPMG member firms offer a broad range of accounting and financial risk management services. We help international banks, insurance companies, asset managers and corporate and public clients identify, assess, manage, report and limit the risks they face. Visit to learn more about our Accounting Advisory Services or Financial Risk Management.